Absolution of Deathwing
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 Absolution guild guidelines

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PostSubject: Absolution guild guidelines   Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:26 pm

Absolution guild guidelines:

    - Attendance is an important topic. On a sports team if were to not show up you would be removed from that team. As such you are expected to give us notice if you will be absent for raid via the forums, phone or text. Even serious event such as family emergencies are eventually expected to be explained, the sooner the better. Dates you are aware of (ie. dentist, party, upcoming shift change) are to be posted 3 days in advance of the date(s) missed.

    - We run with a mixed officer / member loot council. No loot system is perfect, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. With that said we try to make the best decisions possible for the progression of the guild (for example: gearing tanks and healers first). Officers are expected to know the in's and out's of various classes and specs to make informed decisions.

    - We take progression seriously and we expect our members to as well. This requires you to play at the peak of your ability and put in the required work such as proper gems/enchants and coming to raid with flasks and food. If doing this requires you to research bosses, farm extra materials for the bank and so on, we fully support this with tools available to you via the forums and in-game.

    - We expect you to respect the decisions of the officers. If we require you to sit for a certain boss due to good old fashion raid stacking then that is your duty, we are trying to make the best raid composition possible for these encounters.

    - We like to have fun in raids, but not at the expense of performance. If shit isn't happening we will make vent silent and that is NOT fun. We will do what it takes to succeed.

    - The guild bank is currently providing many services for members such as 1/2 price enchanting materials, raid potions and hopefully in the near future free weekly flasks.
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Absolution guild guidelines
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