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 Bones - Destro Lock

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PostSubject: Bones - Destro Lock   Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:25 am

1. Character Name:

2. Class/Race/Professions:
Warlock/Orc/Alchemy (Xmute) and Tailor (just got rid of Enchanting so not maxed yet)

3. Armory Page:

4. Please specify your experience regarding each of the following periods of content. (Level 60 - Pre BC, Level 70 - Burning Crusade, Level 80 - Etc. and please be more in depth than "I have cleared everything up to ICC")
I started playing in Vanilla, got my lock to 50 then stopped playing till WotLK. I came and lvled back to 80 and I am 15/15 NAXX (10 and 25), 7/13 ULD (10 man), 5/5 ToC (10 and 25), 4/5 ToGC (10 man) 12/12 ICC (10 man) 11/12 ICC HM (10 man) and 8/12 ICC (25 man)

5. Screen shot of your raid UI. Keybinds beyond the default 1-0 are REQUIRED in this guild:
I have vuhdoh up because I have a holy pally and a disc priest also and forgot to take it off but as you see i use the regular WoW UI and I have recount and DBM.

6. Link to your guild's WWS and/or explanation of your classes preferred stats for your spec/specs and rotation/ability priority.
Well since 4.0 they took away SP so I just gem mainly for Int and haste. In my rotation I start with Immolate then use bane of doom then i use conflag then use my macro which uses blood fury and pops my trinket, if my summon doomguard is up then i will use it then i use my chaos bolt then incenerate spam. I use conflag everytime it pops and i refresh my immolate when it runs out also I use chaos bolt anytime its up. Anytime Empowered Imp procs I immediately use my insta cast soul fire

7. Can you make all of our raid times? If you are going to consistently miss 1 or more of our raids a week because of family or work you will not be considered to join: (9pm - 12am MST server Monday - Thursday)
Yes I can this is actually a perfect time and days.

8. Previous Guild(s) and why you left:
On this server I only raided with <Aftermath> the reason I left was because they disbanned on my hiatus number one and also they werent a 25 man progression only a 10 man

9: What is your in-game financial situation? Are you able to buy the best enchants, flasks and gems? If you are planning on putting 85 AP on your new hard-mode weapon, we don't want you in our guild.
I have enough money to buy whatever I need raiding wise

10: What are you looking for in a guild and what are your expectations for your fellow guild members.
I am looking for people who know what they are doing and are good at it and also able to learn from their mistakes. Also some friendly social people who are on even when we arent raiding.

11: Are you available outside of raids, before or after and for how long? We value 10 mans. Not only because there are good upgrades, but we are able to work together and practice as a group towards further progress.
Being a college student and a football player with a job I have other commitments but I make my own hours for work and football season is over atm so I have more time to play WoW and I am a fairly smart kid who maintains a 3 point without studying too hard and I stay up late (2 or 3 sever time) all the time so i would be willing to help out with 10 mans and other things.

12. Any other information you would like to include, about yourself, such as age, where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Absolution would be a good fit:
Well my name is Chris Smith (Im not too worried if you know my full name because its wayyy too common to stalk me) i am 20 years old I am a football player for a soon-to-be division 2 school in Missouri. I play wide receiver. I am orginally from Dallas, Texas but my mom recently moved to California. I think Bones would be a good fit because he's got the gear and the knowledge to make a difference and he is willing to play any role that will be needed of him if its best for the guild.

13. Connection and computer specs that you use to play:
Well i have dsl internet and I'm not completely sure of the specs because i just got this laptop a few weeks ago as a gift from my step father.

14. Contact information:
you can reach me in game with mail or pst and/or vent.
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PostSubject: Re: Bones - Destro Lock   Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:27 am

Oh and also I havent been in a raid since ive been back from my hiatus so i posted a SS of a heroic sorry =(
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Bones - Destro Lock
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