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 Lickmytotem Resto/Ele Shaman

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PostSubject: Lickmytotem Resto/Ele Shaman   Tue May 11, 2010 4:06 am

1. Character Name:lickmytotem

2. Class/Race/Professions:Shaman Tauren JC/Mining

3. Armory Page:

4. Please specify your experience regarding each of the following periods of content. (Level 60 - Pre BC, Level 70 - Burning Crusade, Level 80 - Etc. and please be more in depth than "I have cleared everything up to ICC")
BC:Kara TK ZA Gruuls BT (On rogue) SSC Magtheridon
WotLK:Naxx 10-25 OS 10-25 3 drake Maly 10-25 uldaur 10 10/14 ulduar 25 13/14 toC 10 5/5 toc 25 5/5 ToGC 25 2/5 ICC 10 7/12 ICC 25 10/12 i have experience on sindrigosa i know how to run out and i know hwere to stand and we got lich king to 18% and called the raid. H ICC 25 2/12

5. Screen shot of your raid UI. Keybinds beyond the default 1-0 are REQUIRED in this guild:

6. Link to your guild's WWS and/or explanation of your classes preferred stats for your spec/specs and rotation/ability priority.
for both ele and resto i stack HAste and SP/ for resto i put ES on tanks i use riptide whenever it is up to get my 2 set bonus procts i get a chain heal off or healing wave for people who are taking heavy damage and i use lesser healin gwae for small dmage. Ele i do FS LB CL the LightB Lightb lightb CL then lightb till LB is up then repeat

7. Can you make all of our raid times? If you are going to consistently miss 1 or more of our raids a week because of family or work you will not be considered to join: (9pm - 12am MST server Monday - Thursday)

8. Previous Guild(s) and why you left: I want to leave addiction due there resto adn ele shamans came back and there is no room in the raid unless some emergencie happens the ywanted me to go enhance but i haev a 5k gs in enhance gear

9: What is your in-game financial situation? Are you able to buy the best enchants, flasks and gems? If you are planning on putting 85 AP on your new hard-mode weapon, we don't want you in our guild.
lets just sy i giive ults blues epic gems

10: What are you looking for in a guild and what are your expectations for your
fellow guild members.
Good attitude doesnt give up doesnt stop progression just cause of downing lich king and no drama and can take constructive critcism

11: Are you available outside of raids, before or after and for how long? We value 10 mans. Not only because there are good upgrades, but we are able to work together and practice as a group towards further progress.
Yes i play pretty much 24/7

12. Any other information you would like to include, about yourself, such as age, where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Absolution would be a good fit:
i am 18 from calgary alberta i am a good fit for your guild cause i am a good listener i read up ad watch fights ahead of time i can help people out if they need it and your raid times are perfect for me. plus i readup on what is new for shamans everyti me i jus tlove how shamans are set up and i know how to play my class very well and most of the time i out heal other shamans with higher gs than me but gs doesnt mean u are good.

13. Connection and computer specs that you use to play:
i hardly dc and dont know graphic card called but run 45-60 fps in raids
14. Contact information:
In game is great but wheeler-5@hotmail.com
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Lickmytotem Resto/Ele Shaman
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