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 Hograth - Elemental Shaman

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PostSubject: Hograth - Elemental Shaman   Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:36 am

1. Character Name:
2. Class/Race/Professions:
Shaman - Orc - Tailoring/Inscription
3. Armory Page:
4. Please specify your experience regarding each of the following periods of content. (Level 60 - Pre BC, Level 70 - Burning Crusade, Level 80 - Etc. and please be more in depth than "I have cleared everything up to ICC")
MC - Full Clear
BWL - Full Clear
Ony - (Even tanked it as 60)
AQ 20 - Full Clear
AQ 40 - Full Clear
Naxx 40 - Up to 4 horseman
BC: Kara - Full Clear
Gruul - Full Clear
SSC - Full Clear
TK - Full Clear
Hyjal - Full Clear
BT - Up to Blood Boil if memory serves.
WotLK: Naxx 10/25 - Full Clear
Sarth 10/25 - Full Clear (3D included)
Maly 10/25
Uld 10/25 - Full Clear (most hard modes)
ToC 10/25 - Full Clear
ToGC 10 - Full Clear (A Tribute to Madness)
ICC 10 - 11/12
ICC 25 - 7/12 (Few Hard Modes)
5. Screen shot of your raid UI. Keybinds beyond the default 1-0 are REQUIRED in this guild:
Looks Simplistic - DBM is off, as well as Parrot, and Omen.
6. Link to your guild's WWS and/or explanation of your classes preferred stats for your spec/specs and rotation/ability priority. No WWS to link.
Preferred Stats: Hit Cap, SP, Haste, Int, etc.
Rotation: Flame Shock -> Lava Burst -> Lightning Bolt until Lava Burst is off of Cooldown -> Lightning Bolt -> Lightning Bolt -> Lightning Bolt. Keeping sure Flame Shock stays on the target and Lava Burst being used as soon as it is off of cooldown.

7. Can you make all of our raid times? If you are going to consistently miss 1 or more of our raids a week because of family or work you will not be considered to join: (9pm - 12am MST server Monday - Thursday)
I'll be able to make all raids.

8. Previous Guild(s) and why you left:
Cataclysmic - Guild is breaking up, server dying.

9: What is your in-game financial situation? Are you able to buy the best enchants, flasks and gems? If you are planning on putting 85 AP on your new hard-mode weapon, we don't want you in our guild.
Have over 100k gold between all my toons. Money isn't an issue.

10: What are you looking for in a guild and what are your expectations for your fellow guild members.
In a guild I look for maturity, the ability to progress, and a positive attitude. Can have a good time in the raid, but keep a serious attitude when it comes to bosses. As far as expectations all I ask for is respect. I know a good friend who just joined, Darktoxsik, He also came from Shadow Council.
11: Are you available outside of raids, before or after and for how long? We value 10 mans. Not only because there are good upgrades, but we are able to work together and practice as a group towards further progress.
I'm available at any time for the most part - If I'm needed, I'm on - Regardless I'm on most of all day anyways. I -love- 10 mans.

12. Any other information you would like to include, about yourself, such as age, where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Absolution would be a good fit:

Well, not much to tell of myself, I'm a good player, great in fact. I say this not because I'm cocky, or conceited. I know my class, I know what I'm doing, and I reap the benefits. I'm 19, live in Hickville, USA. A.K.A.: South Carolina. As of now my Shaman is on the server Shadow Council. Don't know how this Cross-Server application is going to work. I intend on switching to this server soon as this current college semester ends, if not before. Shadow Council has been my server since the 2nd week of WoW being out, and has been my home since its debut...It is slowly dying and "hardcore" raiding guilds are becoming a thing of the past, and with that said it is my time to leave. To you I bring great dps, amazing heals, a friend, and a positive attitude.

13. Connection and computer specs that you use to play:
Connection. Cable land-line. Not sure further than that.
As far as "cumpooter" specs - I'm mostly illiterate in regards to them but:
Intel Quad Core T6400 Processor
4 gigs of ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 295

14. Contact information:
In Game: Hograth, Luzza, Emberpriest, Hoggsaron - All on Shadow Council, Or get Darktoxsik to text the cell.
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PostSubject: Re: Hograth - Elemental Shaman   Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:14 am

Your keybinds look rather ineffective, and your gear is a bit behind our hardmode status.

What does [7/12] (Some hard modes mean)

Unless i'm looking at this incorrectly, it says you've done Gunship on 25 mode, and you haven't killed Putricide/Sindragosa/Blood Queen/Dreamwalker in normal mode.

With all due respect, having someone with Kingslayer come unlock gunship for your group doesn't count as hardmode experience, lol.

I'll let our GM Elemental shaman comment though. Writing/answers look good.
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PostSubject: Re: Hograth - Elemental Shaman   Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:46 am

They may look rather ineffective, but they work for me.
Yes, my gear is a bit behind hard mode status - but I hold my own.
You're absolutely right about my 25 man status - The guild Darktoxsik and I came from wasn't the best, and he had much better luck with loot than I did - So his is a bit better.
Thank you for the criticism, It's not something I take the wrong way.
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PostSubject: Re: Hograth - Elemental Shaman   Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:49 pm

What do you use to drop your totems? How do you hex people? Do you reach to 0 to recall your totems and = to refresh water shield? Why bind Shift6 through Shift=? What kind of macros are you Shift1, Shift3 and Shift4? Why no bind for cleanse toxins?
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PostSubject: Re: Hograth - Elemental Shaman   Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:16 pm

Totems - To drop my initial set of 4 totems, I press Z

Hex - C button

Recall totems - More often than not, I manually click. Mouse hand is free a lot.

Cleanse Toxins - Is Alt+Left Click (Clique)

Shift1 - Elemental Mastery, and Blood Fury - Blood Fury is simply on the bar if I use it separately from Ele Mastery, and to note the cooldown on it when I fail to see it on Parrot.

On that Screen shot, Shift3 - That was simply a Bonespike macro

Shift4 - My Bloodlust Macro that ties Bloodlust with my other cooldowns

Macros in Shift3/4 Change depending on what I'm doing, and where I'm at.

Reasoning from Shift6 - Shift=: My keyboard is small, and my fingers are long. My only explanation for that. I easily Reach them.
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PostSubject: Re: Hograth - Elemental Shaman   

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Hograth - Elemental Shaman
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