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 xionthegreat - fury warrior

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PostSubject: xionthegreat - fury warrior   Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:49 am

1. Character Name: Xionthegreat

2. Class/Race/Professions: Warrior / Orc / Jewlcrafting and Blacksmithing.

3. Armory Page: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dark+Iron&cn=Xionthegreat

4. Please specify your experience regarding each of the following periods of content. (Level 60 - Pre BC, Level 70 - Burning Crusade, Level 80 - Etc. and please be more in depth than "I have cleared everything up to ICC")

Vanilla: I had not gotten the game yet

BC: I only did some pugging of karazhan during this period, so nothing much.

WotLK: 10/25 naxx, 10/25 ulduar ( during the actual ulduar patch i did hard modes XT, flame lev, and Iron Cousil). 10/25 ToC, 10 man ToGC, ( no insanity thanks to laere =p ) 4/5 25 mn ToGC, got about 40 attempts on anub. 4/12 heroic 10 man ICC. 11/12 normal 25 man ICC.

5. Screen shot of your raid UI. Keybinds beyond the default 1-0 are REQUIRED in this guild:


6. Link to your guild's WWS and/or explanation of your classes preferred stats for your spec/specs and rotation/ability priority.


at the time of me posting this wowmeter is down. It is 10 600 dps on saurfang from a couple weeks ago.

7. Can you make all of our raid times? If you are going to consistently miss 1 or more of our raids a week because of family or work you will not be considered to join: (9pm - 12am MST server Monday - Thursday)

Your raid times are late enough for me to make every single raid after work, so there should be absolutely no problem with attendance from me.

8. Previous Guild(s) and why you left:
pentagony: casual guild, i did 25 man naxx with them, went through some of ulduar with them, and then left because of major attendance issues ( as in only 10 online for raid)

immortals: good guild, got some ulduar hard modes done with them and did all of regular ToC with them until they lost some of their players, and the guild fell into attendance issues, and i was forced to leave again.

The Full Stock: awesome guild, i was here for many months, really got to know some awesome people. The guild was going through a slump in attendance, and nothing had happened for weeks, we were wiping on farm bosses, going into raids light 2-3 people, so i decided to app elsewhere.

Aathma: Was awesome when i joined the guild, i got in some lich king attempts on my first week here, and totaled in about 45 attempts overall. The guild just died here, the GM went missing for 2 weeks, long times members left the guild, and again, attendence issues became to much to overcome. I was going to stick this one out becase i had just made raider, was making friends, but the problem was, no one was doing anything about it. There was no such thing as recruitment, it just went on for over 3 weeks and nobody even tried to change anything

9: What is your in-game financial situation? Are you able to buy the best enchants, flasks and gems? If you are planning on putting 85 AP on your new hard-mode weapon, we don't want you in our guild.

I have never had a financial problem, i mean i had to buy 25 primordial saronite. I have all gatering professions on alts, and all the money maker professions on other alts, so i never really have a problem with getting money in my free time.

10: What are you looking for in a guild and what are your expectations for your fellow guild members.

I am hoping to find a dedicated guild who doesn't give up when they are on a tough boss. I have been in many guilds now, and every single time i get to a tough boss, there ends up being attendance issues, and then i am forced to move elsewhere.
I hope to find people dedicated enough so that we never go into to much of a slump, and i can finally find a permanate home.

11: Are you available outside of raids, before or after and for how long? We value 10 mans. Not only because there are good upgrades, but we are able to work together and practice as a group towards further progress.

I am always availible outside of raids, when i am not working i am here, playing WoW. I always love to do 10 mans, i always ask if there is room for me in them, and if not i do my own. I constantly check for the slightest dps upgrades on spreadsheets, so i am always interested in getting that piece of gear that is an upgrade from 10 mans.

12. Any other information you would like to include, about yourself, such as age, where you live, etc, and about your character and/or why you think Absolution would be a good fit:

Im 19 years old from verona Wisconsin. I have been playing my warrior since mid BC, and he has always been my main character, he has about 130 days play time on him. I think absolution will be a good fit because the times do not interfere with my work, and although i have never had any heroic experience in icecrown citedel, i will be able to prove my worth as a player.

13. Connection and computer specs that you use to play:
My connection isn't the fastest, but i never have mor than 150 MS, and i NEVER disconnect. Computer has 4 GB of ram, 2.53 GHz dual core processor, 9600 GT video card.

14. Contact information:
just send me a message here, ill check this as much as I can.
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PostSubject: Re: xionthegreat - fury warrior   Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:23 pm

Raided with Xion while in TFS. He left for the same reasons as me, lack of determination to progress and get shit done. He always had 100% raid attendance, always. He knows his shit, however I also know we already run with two fury warriors at the moment, so yea.
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xionthegreat - fury warrior
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